Home Security Services

It goes without any saying that if you have a house of your own it is necessary to take care of it. I am sure that you would like to have an eye on it constantly, but you certainly cannot watch over your residence all the time daily. Even if you have a possibility to stay at home all day long, you are still pretty limited by your human being’s senses. You will hardly have a chance to detect all possible intrusions and threats in time to cope with them.

Afcon Security is a top rated and reliable security company proving reliable security solutions. We provide you with right the type of services what you’ll need to feel absolutely secure and safe all day.

Our Home security solution includes

  • Guarding
  • Street Patrols
  • Security surveillance cameras
  • CCTV Systems
  • Alert4Help Community Security
  • Alarm Systems

Concerned about you family's security at home ?

If it worries you that you will soon become just another newspaper report on another attack which has taken place in South Africa, being a victim of armed robbery, with today more often than not, murder being the common happening, then it is time that you contacted Afcon security, who will be able to provide you with complete security solutions you require for your own safety.